How do I wear My Bib?
The race will be timed using the ChronoTrack B-tag which is affixed to your bib. Please wear your bib facing FRONT so it is visible to the timer when you cross the start and finish lines in order to be timed. Do not bend or fold your bib or your risk breaking the chip and not getting a time.

You will be timed in the event for which you registered. Please see event staff or email info@troyturkeytrot.com if there are issues with the event you are registered for.

Can someone pick up my packet for me - or can I pick one up for someone else? 
Yes. You CAN have someone else pick up your race packet for you (or vice versa). They/you must bring some kind of permission note, email, text stating that you have given them permission to pick up your packet for you.

Is there race day registration?
There is no race day registration.

How do I manage my registration?

  • Sign In to RunSignUp
  • Go to your Profile
  • See Upcoming Races
  • Click Manage Registration next to the registration that you are editing.

How do I join a group/team if I already signed up?

  1. Sign In to RunSignUp
  2. Go to your Profile
  3. Navigate to Upcoming Events.
  4. Click Manage Registration next to the registration you would like to add to a team
  5. Click Group/Team on the left-hand sidebar
  6. From the pop-up select Join Existing Group/Team
  7. Either select a Group/Team from the dropdown or Search Groups/Teams
  8. Click Continue

When and where can we pick up our packets?
Please check the event schedule page here.

Where can I get the items I purchased on the store?
All store items will ship to the address you provided.

After registering I realize I cannot participate. Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately we do not offer refunds as funds are invested into the event well ahead of time.

Where can people spectate?
There is plenty of spectating opportunities all along the course. Please steer well clear of runners and remember to cheer them on!

Are headphones, strollers or pets permitted?
No. Headphones, strollers and pets of any kind are not permitted in the 5k, 10k, or Grade School Mile, and will result in disqualification. This is for your safety and the safety of all runners. Strollers are allowed in the Turkey Walk.

Is there a bag check?
Yes the 2023 event will have a bag check with the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. Their large box truck will be located at Broadway and 3rd. Bring your own bag to drop. They will take note of your bib #, attach it to your bag, and you can claim it after the event. Please bring non-glass food items to donate while you are at it!

Is there lodging nearby?
Lodging is available at the following locations:

Franklin Square Inn & Suites
1 Fourth St
Troy, NY 12180
518 274-8800
Located 1.5 blocks from start line

Hilton Garden Inn
235 Hoosick St
Troy, NY 12180
518 272-1700
5 minute drive to start line – approx 1 mile

Old Judge Mansion
330 6th Ave
Troy, NY 12180
518 274-5698
5 minute drive to start line – approx 1 mile

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