2019 Results

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2018 Results

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2017 Results

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Costume Contest Winners - (Photos)

Best Thanksgiving Day Costume (Traditional)

  1. Desiree Dukes - Corn on the Cob
  2. Jenny McShan - Balloon Turkey
  3. Marie Heffernan - Holiday Spice Girls

Most Unique Costume (Non-Traditional)

  1. Claire Chovinard - Ice Ice Baby
  2. Tracy Terry - Forrest Gump
  3. Ben Nelson - Celtic Power


2016 Results

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Costume Contest Winners:

  • Traditional
    1. Santa & Mrs Claus
    2. Gingerbread Girls
    3. Turkey Ladies
  • Non-Traditional
    1. UP
    2. Fez
    3. Anna, Elsa & Olaf


2015 Results

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2012 Results

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Overall Winners:


Men: Macky Lloyd– 15:05*
Women: Erin Gillingham - 17:59
*Ties course record


Men: Kevin Treadway - 31:23
Women: Kristina Gracey - 37:04

Masters (10k)

Men: John Casey - 35:32
Women: Anne Benson - 39:37

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