Winter Storm Update

Thursday, Nov 27 – Race Day – We are on for the event.

Wednesday, Nov 26

Here’s a quick update from the Troy, NY – City Hall on where we stand in terms of the snow that’s headed this way and its impact on the event:

  • The City’s DPW will be plowing as necessary during the day and evening. The forecast is calling for 1-2 inches an hour, which is significant but not too much to handle.
  • The ground temperature is still pretty warm, especially paved areas, so we anticipate that accumulation may be relatively light.
  • The City Department of Public Works has the ability to put out 20-25 plows on City roads. In addition, if needed the City’s Department of Public Utilities could put out another 15 plows of their own.
  • If needed, the City has two salt trucks ready to go for race morning as well to make sure the course is clear of ice and snow.
  • The City is confident that it is well-covered and that the 67th Trot will be a great family day that gets underway without a hitch.
  • However, if the storm is worse than anticipated, a decision will be made by 6 a.m. whether to cancel the event. This news will be communicated via Facebook, Twitter and email to all participants and members of the media.