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What is the app?

This year we have added the ability to download and race in real time with our troy turkey trot app. Each registrant will get an email from Troy Turkey Trot with a link to click and claim your profile. This one step process will install the app and help set you up for use.

The app will be active immediately allowing for practice runs and for live racing from Thursday to Saturday evening. We encourage doing a practice run to get a feel for how the app works and make sure the GPS on your phone is interfacing properly etc..
On race day the app will start a countdown early in the morning and the start button will turn green at 5am Eastern. When you hit start your timer will start and you will get mile splits for each event as well as be able to see where you are on your map, the traditional TTT course maps and see how your friends and family are doing. The app will track your distance and time and tell you when you are done.

Tracking -To track friends and family you can search participants on the app and add them to your list then on race day you can click on someone and you can see their map, where they are and their current time and pace. If they have finished you will see their time and average pace.

Live Leaderbaord- as runners finish the live leaderboard will be continually updated. Age groups and team results will be available in real time by searching the results. These will be unofficial until everyone is done running on Saturday. You can check back on the app to see updated results or you can go to the TTT website and view the results page.

Selfie frames: you can take a selfie right with the app and post directly from the app.

Live Stream- You can also check out the live stream race morning right from the app

How do I get the APP?

  • Once the app is approved on the Apple store and Google Play you will get an email with directions on how to download the app and “Claim your profile”.
  • In that email, there are two buttons there and the first is to Download the app
  • You can also just go to the app stores for iOS and Android and search for Troy Turkey Trot and it should be there.
  • Or visit the website under APP here.

Claim Your Profile

  • This is VERY IMPORTANT! The second step in the process is for you to Claim your Profile.
  • Go back to that email on your mobile phone and click the second button – Claim Your Profile.  Once you download the APP you should get a notification/email to the email you used to create your account that asks you to “Claim your Profile”.
  • Follow the prompts  “Connect and Claim”.  You will get a confirmation that your profile is complete.
  • At that point you can add any extra details if you want around your profile like add a photo, so friends can see your smiling face!
  • Once your friends have claimed their profiles you can connect and set up groups and lists.



  • Every phone is different and Android devices have a battery saving permission that will block some of the app features unless the settings are updated.
  • The app should prompt you after you have claimed your profile if any permissions need to be updated.
  • One all permissions are set you can do a practice run with the app.

Practice Run

  • We Strongly Recommend Doing A Practice Run Before Race Day to familiarize yourself with the app, make sure the GPS works on your phone etc…  This does not have to be a special run, you can just start the app while out on your normal training run.
  • You will see is a map with a grey panel over it with your name, a toggle to the event map and “My Map” which is where you are,
  • There is a big green Play button with “Practice Race” underneath.
  • After pressing “Start/Play” you will get a 5 second countdown before your run starts and it will let you know via audio cues that your practice race has begun.  If you go further than a mile, you will hear the first audio cue that lets you know when you passed the mile split and what your pace was for that mile.
  • When you are done with your practice race, you can tap the “stop race” button at the bottom of the screen.

When you can use the app?

  • Over the entire Thanksgiving Weekend, registered participants will be able to use the Troy Turkey Trot app for an enhanced real-time remote racing experience. We have built in some cool extra features that will make it feel like real race day!
  • This includes the live tracking and live leaderboards as well as team results.
  • You can track your friends and family in real time
  • While we encourage everyone to participate on Thanksgiving Day if possible, if you can’t run on turkey day, you can still participate all the way through Saturday!

Do I need to use the app to run the Troy Turkey Trot?

  • We recommend using the app but it is not required.  We understand some may not want to run with their phone.  If you do not want to run with your phone during the race, you can still enjoy some of the benefits of the app.
  • If you have a GPS watch connected to Strava you can participate in the leaderboard through an app connection
  •  If you choose not to use the app on your run, you will still be able to submit your time through our website for the results and to download a pdf of your finisher’s certificate. The link to this form will be available in our race week Runner Instruction email

IMPORTANT:  In order to be eligible for awards you must either use the app or the Strava feature.  Uploading results through the website (On your honor) will not be counted toward awards and the leaderboard but will still be posted.

Race Day

  • On race day when you press the green Start button, you will still get 5 seconds before the clock starts, but this time, Mayor Madden from the City of Troy will be giving you the “runners ready and Go” signal that starts your run.
  • The tracker will stop the clock when you reach the full 5k, 10k or 1 Mile distance, that way you won’t have to worry about looking at your watch.
  • Again, there will be audio cues at each mile reminding you of the mark and your pace
  • There will even be a few other audio cues on the course to keep you motivated along the way.
  • At the end of the race with 100m to go you will get a notice of that, then you know its time to put in that final surge to the finish line.
  • Remember to use the app for the real-time remote racing, you need to start and complete your run or walk either on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday before 11pm.
  • If for what -ever reason you mess up the start and need to start over again, then there is a red button at the bottom of the screen saying, start over.
  • Racing your friends and family:  You can set up a friends list of family members or friends that have downloaded the app and you can switch between your map and their map by clicking the tabs.  For instance you can be on your map and click on “Bob’s Map” and the app will show you how “Bob” is doing, where he is in his 5k or 10k, what his pace is etc..  Then you can know how you are doing compared to “Bob”

You can also see how your friends did or are doing after you finish your run if you do not want to get distracted during the race.

Post Race

  • Now that you have finished the race, the app will display your finishing time and overall pace. It will even display where you are in your age group standings. This is tied to our live leaderboards.
  • You will also see the leaderboards from the bottom tab
  • Just a note here that these leaderboards are dynamic depending on when people finish the race. So, different from race day when everyone is basically running at the same time, this will be spread out over a few days. So these standings will change depending on when people run.!
  • Find your friends to follow, just by searching at the top and typing their name.

Strava Integration

  • If you don’t like running with a phone but still want to be included in the results, check out the app and upload your time to the leaderboard and get your finisher’s badge, there is a way to connect with Strava and add a run that you did.
  • That activity will still have to be run between Thanksgiving Day through Saturday, just like the app
  • To do this, you go to your profile in the upper right, and at the bottom there is a Connect To Strava button.
  • You will sign in to Strava and when it is connected you can see your activities from the weekend. Choose one of those activities and you are all set.

Overall Results

  • So, as you can imagine, not everyone will be using the app or Strava to track their Troy Turkey Trot 5k or 10k
  • There will be a link in the Runner Instructions race week for those that do not wish to use the app.  In addition, all finishers will get an email with a link to post their results on our website. When participants do this, they will automatically be uploaded to our results.
  • Everyone who runs with the app, will automatically be added to those results.  So you don’t have to go back and add them again. The post-race email will go out on Monday the 30th.
  • This way you can see how your time compares to everyone who ran and not just those that ran with the app.