Below is a sampling of run course options in the Capital District.

You can run anywhere, If using the app you need to run outside.  With the app you do not necessarily need to run on a certified course as the GPS will tell you when to stop but if you would like a course with a certified map so you can plan we have compiled a few course maps for you. Below are some options local to the NY Capital District.  Please follow Current CDC- and New York State-mandated social distancing guidelines. Please check ahead of time to see about Park guidelines and possible closures. Note that some of these routes are not closed to traffic so you are running at your own risk. Take appropriate safety measures. Also note, the below links are provided for reference but routes may be altered owing to unknown factors (i.e. construction or other). Please check the route ahead of time. We did not include any road mile courses as most local road miles include the need for totally closed major roads.  Since we have runners registered from 34 states we know there may be folks out there looking for courses so feel free to share ideas via the Facebook page.






Other Places to Run:

  *  Saratoga Battlefield
  *  Uncle Sam Bike Path
  *  Mohawk Hudson River Bike Path
  *  Central Park in Schenectady
  *  Zim Smith Trail
  *  Warren County Bike Trail